Possible mode modes are:

  • BGRA;16 or BGRa;16

  • BGR;16

  • RGBA;16 or RGBa;16

  • RGB;16

  • L;16

  • LA;16

  • I;16

  • I;16L

  • BGRA or BGRa

  • BGR

  • RGBA or RGBa

  • RGB

  • LA

  • L


By default convert_hdr_to_8bit parameter in open_heif is True so all images will be opened as a 8 bit ones. To open images in BGR mode, set bgr_mode to True in open_heif/read_heif.

Starting from 0.11.2 version you can set hdr_to_16bit to False in open_heif/read_heif to get 10/12 bit images without bits shifted to 16 bit. Those will be RGB(A);10(12), BGR(A);10(12) modes instead of RGB(A);16, BGR(A);16.

When saving image from Pillow to HEIF format, next modes will be converted automatically before encoding:

  • P with transparency will be converted to RGBA

  • P will be converted to RGB

  • I will be converted to I;16L

  • 1 will be converted to L

  • CMYK will be converted to RGBA